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Holiday Eating: guilt-free!

Many people find healthy eating difficult at this time of year, and often feel badly about indulging. We've been taught that these “unhealthy foods” are something that we should feel guilty about.

This especially occurs during the holidays, which we associate with huge portions, lots of sweet treats, and eating until we are stuffed.

But feeling guilty can actually backfire. When you feel guilty about eating something, you tend to eat it quickly and you don't pay full attention to it. This causes you to be less satisfied, and to crave more unhealthy foods.

Keep in mind that indulging is different than binging. Indulging means mindfully eating the foods you love, and stopping when you feel full (not stuffed).

Mindful eating encourages us to sit down, slow down, and enjoy our food - to taste and savour the food while also catching up with family and friends. This method helps us manage our appetites better by listening to our bodies and our hunger cues. Eat the foods you love, say no to the ones that you feel so-so about, and enjoy every bite.

And if you do end up needing to change into leggings after dinner, there is no judgement here.

📸 credit: @mittendietician


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