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About Us

gingercures was created by its red-headed proprietor, Kelly. It started as a term that her sons gave to the unsolicited nutrition advice she would offer them.  As a playful response, Kelly created gingercures to legitimize it.

At gingercures, we believe in the value of good food enabling a good life, and hope to help people achieve their nutrition and health goals.

Bon Appétit!

About gingercures

My name is Kelly, and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™, Autoimmune Protocol Certified Coach, and the founder

of gingercures.


In life, we all get confronted with major events that disrupt us. These events upset our lives, our bodies, our balance, 

and we often struggle to try and regain some control.


For me, one of these events was the birth of my first son – who turned my life upside down, bringing both joy and anxiety. And when it came to introducing solid foods to him, I felt lost, with no clear path on how to give him the best start in life.  This is when I took my first course in baby nutrition. This introduction to nutrition gave me confidence in caring for my sons, and they continue to grow up strong and healthy, giving me proof that what we eat matters. This is where my first steps towards becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ began.


Other life events that can make us feel a loss of control are when we are given a “diagnosis”. We generally follow Doctor instructions, feeling nervous and sometimes powerless. We get told what to do as they treat the focus - but what about the rest of our body? And what about our emotional well-being?


The next step along my path was with my father, when he was diagnosed with cancer. Once again, I felt lost, felt out of control, and tried to find anything that I could do to help in this seemingly hopeless situation. I again turned to nutrition to complement his medical treatments, and to help give his body the tools it needed to fight.

And finally, my own cancer diagnosis sent me further down this path. I began to see a pattern in how I would always turn to nutrition for tangible impacts in difficult situations. Nutrition is definitely something we can choose to control – and in doing so, help ourselves to feel empowered over our own health and lives.

This journey has also demonstrated to me that paying attention to nutrition should not be limited to after significant events or diagnoses - but that nutrition can and should be leveraged proactively. By making healthy choices every day, we can live a healthy lifestyle and hopefully prevent, or at least delay, many unnecessary health complications.

I have seen first hand the results of making these healthy choices, and I now want to use my education in this field to make a difference in the world.


I founded gingercures so that I could be a resource for people who want to make better choices, and who might not always be sure of where to start. We all know that there is no magic pill to replace a healthy lifestyle; it is an ever-evolving journey, and I hope to be a part of yours.

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About Kelly

“When you take care of your health you become your own best friend.”       

                                   Maya Angelou 

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