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Aging Gracefully....

I am not really a fan of the term “anti” aging, because aging is a natural part of life - and something that not all people have the privilege of doing. I prefer to focus on increasing your chances of longevity and on having a good quality of life - aging gracefully.

Getting older is inevitable, but prematurely aging does not have to be.

⚠️ Some key factors that increase our rate of aging: genetics, not taking care of ourselves (unhealthy lifestyle), smoking, high fat diet, lack of exercise, excess alcohol, poor diet, overeating, chemical exposure, and stress.

⚠️ Psychological factors that increase aging: extreme emotions, negativity, feeling trapped in rut, depression, loneliness, anger, grief – and of course: stress!

So, what are some of the things we can do to help prevent premature aging?


  • Eat a whole food, natural diet as much as possible.

  • Under eat (overeating makes body work overtime; if it is only digesting all day, it cannot clean up, repair and detox body!).

  • Fill up on nutrient-dense food, so that you do not overeat too much of the bad food.

  • Minimize unhealthy fats.

  • Increase number of complex carbs/fibers to support elimination (proper elimination=detox).

  • Strive for a chemical free diet (organic to reduce pesticide exposure).

  • Consider periods of detox/cleansing - sometimes a juice cleanse or mini fast can help give the body break (for those in Toronto, @angiesjuicery has a great juice/soup cleanse!).

  • Ensure your digestive system is working optimally (see my earlier post on Rules of Digestion).

  • Reduce sugar, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine.

  • Increase water intake – hydrate!

LIFESTYLE: exercise, manage stress, manage emotions, cultivate positive relationships, reduce negativity, no smoking, reduce exposure to chemicals & pollution. And last, but not least – feeling a sense of community and support is the one of the most important things for longevity.

SUPPLEMENTATION: Certain supplements are often recommended, but I suggest seeing a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or a Naturopathic Doctor for guidance on this.

When we take good care of our minds and bodies, it is possible to live a long and healthy life (see @bluezones).


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