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Choosing Protein Powders

Buying a high-quality protein powder is so important! The number one thing is that you ALWAYS want to buy grass fed when using animal products, and organic if possible.

New Zealand has great practices when it comes to raising and processing so buying New Zealand products that are not organic (but still grass fed) are not as bad. A New Zealand brand that I like is Kaizen (available at Costco!).

If you have lactose intolerance, whey isolate is a better choice than whey concentrate. Much of the lactose and sugars are removed from whey isolate during processing. But if you have a dairy allergy, both whey and whey isolate may upset your stomach. In that case, look for plant-based protein instead. I personally switch it up – sometimes I will buy vegan and sometimes I get a whey isolate.

What is the difference between whey and whey isolate?

The main difference between whey isolate and concentrate is that whey isolate undergoes more processing, which results in a higher protein content with less carbs, lactose and fat. Whey isolate is typically more expensive than whey concentrate.

Some suggestions for animal-based protein powders: Kaizen, MyProtein Impact Whey Isolate, Natural Factors, Diesel (but there are many others!)

When choosing vegan options (especially ones with pea and soybean proteins) aim for organic or non-sprayed as these products are HEAVILY sprayed and contain A LOT of toxins! When processing this increases the toxic level a lot! And ain’t nobody got time for that.

Some suggestions for plant-based protein powders: Garden of Life Sport Organic Vanilla, Natural Factors, Kaizen, or Purium MVP Sport Vanilla (the latter is harder to get in Canada).

Final note on choosing your Protein Powders…..Look for protein powders that have minimal additives and sugar.

You have a protein powder chosen – now what?

To make a smoothie:

  • Use a sugar-free base - such as water, almond milk, or coconut milk

  • Combine with fiber and fat for added health benefits AND to curb blood-sugar (glucose) spikes

  • Email me for some simple recipes you can try today!

When to eat it?

  • In the morning for breakfast

  • Or at least 90 minutes after exercise (absorbs better once your body is in a more relaxed state)

  • Or any time of day as a glucose-steady snack


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