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Dandelion Tea - benefits of...

Have a cup of delicious Dandelion Tea this afternoon! (my fave is Roasted Dandelion Tea by @tradmedicinals)

Why drink this, you ask? :) Well, let me tell you….

Dandelion tea:

✅ Helps REDUCE WATER WEIGHT: Dandelion tea is as a diuretic, helping the body eliminate excess body water through the kidneys and urine. This may be due to the plant's high potassium content, which can signal the body to flush out sodium.

IMPROVES LIVER FUNCTION: Vitamin-rich dandelion root is a good source of antioxidants, which protect the body from oxidative stress and damage. Antioxidants work all over the body, but beta-carotene, in particular, has been shown to have a protective effect on the liver. Plus, a specific carbohydrate found in dandelion root has been shown to act like an antioxidant, protecting the liver from cellular damage. What's more, animal studies suggest that dandelion root may prevent diet-related fat accumulation in the liver, which can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

✅ Helps IMPROVE DIGESTION & GUT FLORA: Because dandelion root is full of gut-friendly fiber, it's no wonder it improves digestion. Research has found the dandelion plant to increase Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, the two most common species used as probiotics and associated with gut health. Dandelion tea may therefore decrease bloating, gas, and general digestive discomfort.

✅ May help prevent and treat TYPE 2 DIABETES: Dandelion root has been shown to have anti-diabetic properties such as enhancing insulin secretion and sensitivity and reducing hyperglycemic events. In one study, dandelion root powder significantly reduced fasting blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes. More research is needed, but the blood sugar stabilizing effects of dandelion tea are promising.

✅ Helps REDUCE INFLAMMATION: Several compounds in dandelion have been found to exert anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation has been linked to everything from chronic disease to cognitive function, so keeping it under control should be a priority for everyone.

SAFETY & SIDE EFFECTS: Dandelion is generally safe, although if you're allergic to the daisy family, ragweed, or other flowers, you may want to skip the dandelion and stick to other beneficial herbal teas. It is also important to note that dandelion tea can interact with some medications, so talk with your doctor, especially if you are taking lithium, Cipro, or diuretics. Dandelion tea is also not recommended for those with kidney problems.


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