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Gut Health + Hair

Scrolling online and see an ad for hair vitamins? You see a woman with long, thick hair and a bottle of vitamins in a chic package….Hrm.

Consider this:

  1. Often the models used in these ads are genetically blessed people – their hair did not come from those vitamins!

  2. Most of these vitamin formulas look cute in their fancy packaging, but they cost way too much, and you could find something much more potent and well-formulated from a healthcare practitioner.

  3. If a company is prioritizing fashion influencers over healthcare professionals – that is a red flag!! Maybe because healthcare professionals would not promote this stuff…..

Why not try this instead. Stop scrolling and:

• Cook a healthy meal, eat it slowly and chew well

• Do some breathing exercises

• Go to bed early for a change

• Ask your healthcare provider about ways to optimize your digestion

• Cancel something on your calendar that you are not looking forward to

Any of these things will get you better results than gummy hair vitamins – I promise! :)


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