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Hay fever Allergies? Be Ready for them this year!

Pollen season usually begins in Canada around mid-March. And in terms of natural seasonal allergy remedies, starting 2 months before the pollen comes out is key.

Allergy Background

Allergies can be due to a number of reasons - stress being the number one driver (stress increases inflammation). Other causes include genes, environment, toxic load, poor nutrition/digestion, chronic illness, dysbiosis, leaky gut.

Having poor gut health is linked to allergies not only through inflammation, but in how the bad bacteria cause mast cells to break down and release histamine. This histamine then bogs down the kidneys and liver, leaving our main detoxification organs unable to do their jobs.

By supporting your digestion and improving your microbiome (gut bacteria), we can calm down inflammation and stress on the body which will lower the effects/symptoms of allergies.

To lessen seasonal allergy symptoms:

  • Practice your stress management techniques (We are happy to suggest some ideas, if needed)

  • Repair your gut (remove gluten & other food sensitivities, consider taking glutamine and Vitamin A)

  • Work on dysbiosis and leaky gut (consider taking probiotics)

  • Consider taking Essential Fatty Acids (Fish oil) to lower inflammation

  • Increase amounts of natural antihistamines: Vitamin C (1000 mg with flavonoids) and Quercetin (with bromelain); and consider adding Magnesium

Persistent severe allergic reactions? Try these homeopathic remedies:

  • Unda allium cepa plex is good for sinuses (runny nose, other sinus issues); addresses symptoms WITHOUT suppression. The idea is that you are trying to help with his symptoms without suppressing them, whereas over-the-counter allergy drugs that suppress your allergies only end up pushing the symptoms deeper into the body and causing other issues!

  • Cleavers cream (put on sinuses - light lymphatic massage down the side of neck below ear to drain lymph)

Lastly, check out our Allergy Relief Symptom tips (free download)

Remember: the key to a happier easier allergy season is to START NOW with your prep work and supplements/vitamins.


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