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Migraines are the worst :(

Migraine headaches are periodic, usually unilateral, pulsatile headaches that tend to recur with diminishing frequency later in life.

Food sensitivities are commonly the underlying cause of migraines, and certainly dysbiosis, inflammation and leaky gut syndrome are all associated as well.

Offending foods in adults are fermented foods or molds growing on foods, marinates, nitrates, red wine, MSG, figs, dates, raisins, chocolate, nuts, cheeses, sour cream, dairy, and citrus fruit.

An initiation of a migraine is due to an accumulation of a number of stressors over time.

The main ones are: emotional distress, lack of sleep/over sleeping, workload, emotional let down after a time of stress, and food triggers.

Other factors are an overloaded liver, dysbiosis, blood sugar or hormonal imbalances, and insufficient exercise.

Sometimes climate/pressure changes, sun glare, lighting, dental problems, and lifestyle changes can also trigger a migraine.

There are many things you can do for a migraine (‼️ are the top recommendations):


• Balance blood sugar (diet changes and take Chromium)‼️

• Avoid triggers: as per list above

• Avoid tyramine foods (they cause vasoconstriction): chocolate, red wine, beer, cheese, meat

• Drink a lot of pure water

• Avoid caffeine (caffeine withdraw headaches can mimic migraines and can also trigger one)

• Decrease simple carbohydrates, alcohol, sugar

• Alkalinize diet, increase fiber intake, and ensure adequate complete proteins


• Magnesium, taken with calcium (daily, and extra if you feel a headache coming on) ‼️

• B2 !!

• Vitamin C

• Fish oil

• 5HTP to raise Serotonin (often people with migraines have low serotonin)

LIFESTYLE (all of these are ‼️):

• At first sign of a headache, immerse feet in a hot foot bath and place a cool cloth on the back of the neck (this can help draw blood away from the head and reduce pressure of the migraine)

• Get ample, regular, good quality sleep (consistent sleep routines decrease migraine attacks significantly)

• Maintain regular frequent exercise (yoga!)

• Manage stress

• Treat dysbiosis and hypoglycemia

• Assess thyroid hormone levels

• Cleanse/support the liver


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