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What is my typical day?

As a healthcare professional, I often get asked what I eat, or what my daily routine is like.

I also always get asked if I ever “cheat” and eat foods that I know are not good for me. The answer is – OF COURSE!! Keep reading to hear my secret "hacks" when eating junk food. ;-)

Here is what a typical day looks like for me:

  • Wake up, shower, facial.

  • ½ lemon squeezed into 1 cup room temperature water.

  • Currently I do 30 mins of yoga at home. If you can get 30 minutes of sunlight/outdoor time within 30 minutes of waking up, it sets your day up best and helps with your sleep at night. Right now, it is too cold for me…but normally I bike in the morning before work to get movement and sunshine first thing!

  • 1 cup tea.

  • When I am ready to eat, I take 1 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in some water (rinsing my mouth out afterwards!), 10 mins before my first meal to balance my blood glucose levels and improve my digestion. I find ACV also curbs my appetite, to help me not “over eat”.

  • BREAKFAST: Oats topped with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, almonds, berries, and almond milk

  • All day: Water water water (I mix chlorophyll in mine)

  • ACV 10 mins before next meal

  • LUNCH: Lentil soup and easy kale salad (kale massaged with olive oil, salt, pepper)

  • AFTERNOON SNACK: Angie’s cold pressed juice (Angie's Juicery), with some apple slices/almond butter.

  • Water water water

  • ACV 10 mins before meal

  • DINNER: a meal that has protein, complex carbs (I do not eat white rice, breads, wheat pastas, or white potatoes), and an kale salad (topped with crunchy roasted soy nuts!)

  • If I have a sweet tooth after dinner, I will try a roasted dandelion tea with some unpasteurized honey.

  • Bedtime: I do not eat after 9pm (8pm even better). I stop all screens at least 1 hour before bed. I like to use this time to tidy up, do my evening facial, read a book, and do crosswords. I plug my phone in downstairs, it does not come up with me to my bedroom ever. I try to get 8 hrs. in a dark, cool, quiet room.

DO I EVER EAT “BAD FOODS” is another question I get asked?


I just choose how and when I eat them. There are some “hacks” on how to eat sugary or simple carb foods that help to lessen the overall effect on your body’s blood sugar levels (therefore helping curb further cravings, weight gain, energy and mood issues).

For example, do not eat your “sweets” on an empty stomach – rather have them after a full meal (protein, healthy fats, complex carbs).

And have that ACV a few minutes before you eat a simple carb snack – you will greatly decrease the spike in blood sugar levels (and therefore, decrease the crash too!).

Move for 10 minutes after you eat!

Finally, when I have a day that does not go “as planned” - I do NOT beat myself up over it. Tomorrow is another day to start fresh and try it again. xo


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