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Willpower has nothing to do with it: Sugar Cravings

When you eat sweet/sugary food, you cause a glucose spike in your blood.

Then this glucose crashes, and your cravings hit you again....causing a rollers coaster of cravings all day long.

So, what can you do?

  1. Never eat the sweet food on an empty stomach – always have it after a meal, as a dessert

  2. Have some apple cider vinegar before you eat the sweet food (1tablespoon of vinegar in a tall glass of water, with a straw).

  3. Use your muscles after eating the sweet foods – clean your house, dance to your fave songs, go for a walk.

Note: Do not forget that "sweet food" is any simple carbohydrate - this can be breads, pastas, baked goods, candy - even plain fruit!

Image credit: Glucose Goddess


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