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Your Immune System Determines your State of Health

When your immune system is depleted - bacteria, viruses, or toxins can overwhelm the body. The result? You get sick.

What suppresses our immune system:

  • Aging

  • Travel

  • Allergies (food or environment)

  • Irregular sleep

  • Drugs

  • Emotional extremes/stress

  • Vitamin A and Zinc Deficiency

  • Low protein

To best support your immune system, you want to adopt healthy living habits and prevent deficiencies of vital nutrients.

What does this mean in plain language?

✅ Detox diets, seasonally

✅ Low chemical, low sugar, low saturated fats diet is KEY

✅ Adequate amino acids (through good protein sources)

✅ Vitamin A & Zinc (increased T-cell activity needed for active immune response)

✅ Vitamin E & Selenium (stimulate antibody production)

✅ Vitamin C (immune protector)

✅ Exercise

✅ Good quality sleep

✅ Do not forget “dry brushing” for your lymphatic system (see my earlier post on this)

PROTIP: What can you do if you are already starting to feel coldy? Try this:

  • Increase Vitamin A (50,000 IU/day – only for a few days)

  • 4-8 grams of vitamin C

  • 50-100 milligrams Zinc

  • Garlic (natural antibiotic): crush a clove and eat it (maybe with honey on top?)

  • Ginseng root

You never know when or where you will pick up bacteria or viruses that will make you sick. Immune system support makes sure that wherever and whenever it happens, your body will be ready.


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